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Hello! I'm Tali64³; I was formerly Tali64² (user page redirects to this one), but I forgot the password to that account, so I made this one.

Estar es temporal. Ser es para siempre. ("Being there is temporary. To be is forever." according to Microsoft Translator)

What I Do

I was a wiki creator (a person who creates wikis for users who request them) from 3 February 2023 to 25 January 2024; long before I became a wiki creator, I wrote the guide to writing wiki requests on Meta to attempt to improve the quality of wiki requests, as a result of the rising standards for a wiki request to be accepted. Currently, I help on Miraheze in various ways, including as a Global Rollbacker and a patroller on Meta.

Trivia about Me

  • I've submitted 27 wiki requests on Miraheze.
  • I was the first person to sign up for WikiTide (a defunct wiki hosting service set up by then-former Miraheze volunteers in response to events that occurred in June 2023 that merged with Miraheze in 2024) one minute after it opened to the public (verify).

Related Sites

Wikis I Manage

Here are all the wikis I have founded + others that I manage:


Wiki Founded? Date Founded Service Closed Activity Status Notes
Amazing YouTubers Wiki No 5 December 2018 Miraheze No Active The original administration of this wiki was demoted due to several long-standing issues; more information can be found here.
Astonishing Scratchers Wiki No 15 July 2019 Miraheze No Semi-active The founder of this wiki was one of the administrators that was demoted on Amazing YouTubers Wiki.
Tiresome Wikis Wiki No 17 August 2020 ShoutWiki No Active Wiki was overrun by vandals from August 2021 until my adoption of the wiki in December. After my adoption, I took steps to ensure that the wiki's content was supported by referencing in order to prevent issues that had plagued similar wikis without such referencing that are now closed.
Wretched YouTube Videos Wiki No 2 January 2021 Miraheze No Active Sister wiki to Amazing YouTubers Wiki.
Creative Wikis Wiki Yes 3 December 2022 Fandom No Not very active Sister wiki to Tiresome Wikis Wiki. Originally planned to stay on until ShoutWiki's wiki creator was brought back online, but its lack of features prompted a move to ByetHost; it later moved to Fandom due to being taken down on ByetHost.
Netpedia Meta Yes 17 July 2023 Miraheze No Semi-active Meta wiki for Netpedia, a network of reception wikis focusing on Internet content; a list of member wikis can be found here.


Wiki Founded? Date Founded Service Closed Activity Status Notes
Scary Logos Wiki No 22 October 2011 Fandom No Semi-active This wiki used to be infamous for its abundance of trolls and spammy content; however, due to a cleanup effort that I started, this wiki eventually gained an active administration and has significantly improved.
Lost Episode Creepypasta Wiki No 9 January 2013 Fandom No Semi-active This wiki was formerly known as Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki; however, it was renamed due to the founder of this wiki allegedly doing awful things. For a long time, despite the wiki's active administration, it suffered from low-quality creepypastas and spam categories not unlike those that were formerly on the Scary Logos Wiki. However, with the use of a MediaWiki gadget that allowed the quick addition, replacement, and removal of categories, I along with other administrators removed a significant of the spam categories; I was significantly less involved with the removal of the low-quality creepypastas.
Scratch Cat's Creepypasta Wiki Yes 7 May 2017 Fandom No Not active This is the first wiki that I recall founding; I no longer have administrator rights on the wiki, since the account I used to create it has now been disabled due to my behavior back then that I'm not so proud of now.
VandalismWiki No 26 December 2017 Miraheze No Not very active This wiki was one of the first wikis on Miraheze that I contributed to that I didn't found.
Rotten Websites Wiki (ShoutWiki version) No 15 June 2019 ShoutWiki No Active Wiki was attacked by spambots until I was granted administrator permissions by the founder of this wiki.
Decyclopedia Yes 24 September 2019 Miraheze No Not very active Was originally planned to move to independent hosting, but the move was cancelled after being in progress for quite a while, and the domain that was intended for the independent wiki is now used to point to the Miraheze wiki.
Short Stories & Prompts No 24 November 2019 Miraheze No Not active This wiki had been recreated on September 1, 2021, due to previously being deleted for inactivity. I had contacted the owner of this wiki to discuss the possibility of merging it with my Stories Wiki, and we ended up mirroring each other's content instead. Since the bureaucrat right cannot be removed by other bureaucrats once it's added, I technically still hold the right on the wiki.
Free Edits Wiki Yes 8 April 2020 Miraheze Yes Wiki closed Precursor to Free Editing Wiki. A Fandom version was made on June 28, 2020, but it was closed for inactivity.
Miraheze's Deletionpedia Yes 15 April 2020 Miraheze Yes Wiki closed Intended fork of Deletionpedia and precursor to The Wiki Archive.
Scary Logos Wiki Miraheze Yes 4 May 2020 Miraheze No Not active Fork of Scary Logos Wiki on Fandom.
The Wiki Archive Yes 9 May 2020 Miraheze Yes Wiki closed Closed by myself twice, once for risk of Content Policy violations and once because Miraheze was intended to shut down (afterward, a new organization based in the United States was created to become the new legal entity of Miraheze, but I chose to keep it closed)
Encyclopedia Mirahezia Yes 1 June 2020 Miraheze Yes Wiki closed Merged with Mirapedia, which itself was closed.
Speedy Deletion Wiki Miraheze Yes 3 June 2020 Miraheze Yes Wiki closed Intended remake of the closed Speedy Deletion Wiki on Fandom. Also the subject of this talk page discussion.
Unsourced Wiki Yes 7 June 2020 Miraheze No Wiki closed
Cancelled Wiki Yes 27 June 2020 Fandom No Not active
Wiki Gazetteer Yes 29 June 2020 Fandom No Not active
Miraheze Gazetteer Yes 12 August 2020 Miraheze Yes Wiki closed Accidentally approved; intended for an official community-sanctioned wiki that never happened due to the idea being generally unpopular among the Miraheze community at the time.
Malware Wiki Yes 15 August 2020 Miraheze Yes Wiki closed Intended continuation of Malware Wiki. An official one was formerly available at, but it appears to be down.
Persons Wiki Yes 29 August 2020 Fandom Yes Wiki closed Merged with Person Wiki, which itself was closed.
El Archivo Wiki Yes 28 December 2020 Miraheze Yes Wiki closed Merged with The Wiki Archive.
Yoshi's Creepypasta Wiki Yes 23 March 2021 Fandom Yes Wiki closed
Reception Wikis Wiki No 21 July 2021 Miraheze No Semi-active The request for this wiki was repeatedly declined for vague reasons until the wiki creator who handled the request changed his mind and approved it.
Stories Wiki Yes 21 July 2021 Miraheze No Not active
Everypasta Wiki Yes 9 August 2021 Miraheze Yes Wiki closed
Free Editing Wiki Yes 14 October 2021 Miraheze Yes Wiki closed Closed by myself due to its scope being incompatible with the Content Policy. The Wiki for Nonsense and Absurdity was later founded as a spiritual successor with a more defined scope that's compliant with the Content Policy to avoid the same fate.
Shutdown Screens Wiki Yes 20 October 2021 Fandom No Not active
The Wikis Wiki Yes 20 December 2021 Miraheze No Not active
Decyclopedia Wiki Yes 30 December 2021 Fandom Yes Wiki closed Fandom fork of Decyclopedia. Closed due to inactivity.
Scratch User-Generated Content Wiki Yes 25 February 2022 Fandom No Not active
New Qualitipedia No 2 December 2022 Telepedia No Semi-active Revival of the Qualitipedia wiki network (which I contributed to but was not an administrator on).
Tali64's Wiki Yes 22 December 2022 Miraheze No Semi-active Personal wiki. Open for anyone to contribute to.
The Wiki for Nonsense and Absurdity Yes 22 April 2023 Miraheze No Semi-active Spiritual successor to Free Editing Wiki.