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This template may be used by a blocked user or IP address to request a review of the block in accordance with the blocking policy. It is recommended to read the Guide to appealing blocks before using this template.


The following should be placed on your talk page:

{{unblock | reason=your reason here ~~~~}}

Remember to replace "your reason here" with why you think you should be unblocked.


  • This template puts pages into Category:Requests for unblock.
  • Abuse of this template may result in your access to the talk page being removed.
  • Do not subst this template.
  • Do not unblock users without consulting with the administrator who placed the block, except in obvious, uncontroversial cases. Blocks marked as {{checkuserblock}}, {{checkuserblock-account}}, {{OversightBlock}} and {{ArbComBlock}} can only be reviewed by the users specified on the individual templates.
  • Administrators can mark unblock requests as "awaiting response from the user" by adding the parameter |idletimestamp={{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} to it without previewing the result for more than 10 seconds. The request will disappear from CAT:RFU until any further edit is made to the appeal's page.

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