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Leaving reports here / other thoughts

It may be practical to have the talk page of this team be used specifically to report cases, or to request follow-up when a user has performed vandalism but been reverted by an independent user (such as the recent case). A cross link could be added from the Sysop Noticeboard. Members (or otherwise the admins) of this team could make a point of following up, and other possible tasks may include reasonable additions to the Abuse Filter, assessing protection level usage for the purpose of avoiding vandalism or unwanted activity (ie, autoconfirmed protection for policies), and handling appeals.

Perhaps in full this team could be extended in scope, perhaps to cover wiki moderation in general. Conflict assessment, discussing/effecting reasonable actions for long term issues and of course CVT. If not, then for clarity this section could instead be renamed Allpedia:Counter Vandalism Team and then acronym with a redirect from Allpedia:CVT rather than the current mixture of two letters acronym, last word spelled out in a way that is unusual among other existing teams. It would also be a good precedence list Allpedia:WPC Copy-Edit Team on its own and also split a linking acronym with WPCCET. You could also create a namespace that redirects to Allpedia, so these teams can be referred to with AP:CVT or AP:WPCCET. But that is an out of scope suggestion, and I'm willing to discuss it elsewhere if it's not an easy thing to just do. Thank you for the consideration. --Raidarr (talk) 07:18, 16 November 2021 (EST)Reply

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