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This is an essay and therefore is not to be taken as an actual policy as it has not been discussed as an actual policy.

The two prongs of notability.

Notability is an important reuquirement on Wikipedia or any wiki for that matter. However, notability on this wiki is not as strict as you may find it. For an article to exist on this wiki, it must exist on a notable wiki such as Wikipedia or Simple English Wikipedia or it must exist and have at least 10 sources about it. Under certain conditions, an article may be created under these requirements.

Conflict of Interest

When you create an article, just because this is Allpedia and we don't have strict rules does not mean that you can have a conflict of interest. On Allpedia, please DO NOT create articles about yourself, your friends, your family, or any topic where you are involved. Those articles are not notable at all and do not meet any requirements on this wiki.